Welcome to Minecraft Cargo V2!

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Welcome to Minecraft Cargo V2!

Post by Azzerxzz on Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:34 pm

It's finally here!

Minecraft Cargo's V2 rework is complete and everything is new and fresh!
Same rules apply here as to the last site.

Everybody who was registered on the old site should have received an e-mail linking this site. So I hope to see alot of you very soon.

  • Don't talk about inappropriate content.

  • Don't be rude to each other.

  • Post in the right forum section.

  • Do not spam or use excessive caps or symbols. (This can include bumping threads and IBTL (In before the lock) and other such spam.)

As always, have fun! Be social and open and we're sure it'll be a great time!
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